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Poundal Per Inch To Erg Per Square Centimeter

poundal per inch to erg per square centimeter



Poundal per inch to Erg per square centimeter Conversion Formula:

erg/square centimeter (erg/cm²) = poundal/inch (pdl/in) × 5443.1084939436

How to Convert poundal/inch (pdl/in) to erg/square centimeter (erg/cm²)?

To get Erg per square centimeter surface tension, simply multiply Poundal per inch by 5443.1084939436. With the help of this surface tension converter, we can easily convert Poundal per inch to Erg per square centimeter. Here you are provided with the converter, proper definitions,relations in detail along with the online tool to convert poundal/inch (pdl/in) to erg/square centimeter (erg/cm²).

How many Erg per square centimeter in one Poundal per inch?

1 poundal/inch (pdl/in) is 5443.1084939436 erg/square centimeter (erg/cm²).

poundal/inch (pdl/in) to erg/square centimeter (erg/cm²) converter is the surface tension converter from one unit to another. It is required to convert the unit of surface tension from Poundal per inch to Erg per square centimeter, in surface tension. This is the very basic unit conversion, which you will learn in primary classes. It is one of the most widely used operations in a variety of mathematical applications. In this article, let us discuss how to convert poundal/inch (pdl/in) to erg/square centimeter (erg/cm²), and the usage of a tool that will help to convert one unit from another unit, and the relation between Poundal per inch and Erg per square centimeter with detailed explanation.

Poundal per inch Definition

A poundal per inch (pdl/in) is a unit of surface tension in the US Customary Units and British Imperial Units. Surface tension is denoted with the Greek letter γ (gamma). Surface tension γ is equal to 1 pdl/in if the force along a line of 1 inch length, where the force is parallel to the surface but perpendicular to the line is equal to one poundal.

Erg per square centimeter Definition

A erg per square centimeter (erg/cm²) is a CGS unit of surface tension. Surface tension is denoted with the Greek letter γ (gamma) and in terms of thermodynamics can be defined as work done per unit area. Surface tension of a mass of liquid is equal to 1 erg/cm² if in order to increase the surface area of this mass of liquid by 1 cm², a quantity of work equal to one erg is required.

poundal/inch (pdl/in) to erg/square centimeter (erg/cm²) Conversion table: